Anxiety disorders lead to feelings of unease or panic that functions as a great limiter to global or specific sections of life It can show up in social situations only, or pop up about travelling. It can be a baseline that is even present or only spike in the presence of spiders. Whichever way it manifests, it's bloody annoying.

Anxiety disorders are treatable. Not cope-with-able. Treatable. Shifts’ protocol addresses anxiety by identifying the cognition’s related to it. They can be common ones like “I’m at risk” or specific ones, like “I am unwanted,” which relates to social anxiety only. In any case, once we flesh these out, we remove the root cause of the anxiety and associated behaviours.

Its works like this:

At Shift, we shoot through the maladaptive behaviors, (because there are often too many and they’re just surface stuff anyways), and go through the dysfunctional need straight into the limiting belief. Once the limiting belief is reprocessed and rendered untrue, we don’t have the dysfunctional need, maladaptive behavior or the result of it. BOOM! Anxiety Killed!

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