Stress and Burnout

Life Optimization

Chronic Stress and Burnout

Chronic stress weakens the immune system, and may result in heart disease, high…


Good Morning March!

Are you struggling with coming out of hibernation mode? Feeling down in the…

The Power of Goal Setting


The Power of Goal Setting

This month we are talking all about making changes. Goal setting is important…

Incremental Goals


Incremental Goals | How to Get $#*! Done!

“Begin with the end in mind.” Steven CoveySystematic thinking forces…

life improvement strategies


Life Improvement Strategies rather than blanket resolutions…

Why the wait? If it’s worth doing, do it now (or yesterday even). How does it…

performance psychology


Performance Psychology

Let's chat about performance psychology. At Shift, we are interested in…

Which Way Up


Having a hard time optimizing your life?

One of the major driving forces behind Shifts approach is to reduce this stigma…