10 ways to prevent boredom this winter

...and the psychology behind them.We’ve all done the outdoor picnic hangouts,…

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Life Optimization

Parenting Challenges

We work with clients to find the time, identify priorities, create boundaries,…


Clinical Concern


Porn addiction, which is a subset of sex addiction, can refer to a range of…

Addressing the Root of Your Depression

Life Optimization

Sex Issues and Sex Therapy

Sex and physical intimacy is a huge part of a relationship, and is also…

Boundaries & Enmeshment

Life Optimization

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Personal boundaries are essentially our limits. We decide what we’re okay with…

Toxic Friendships


Are you part of a toxic friendship?

Have you ever had a friendship where you asked yourself, “why am I even friends…

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Fix your Relationship Difficulties by Fixing You

Fix yourself, fix your difficult relationship patterns: How Individual therapy…



10 Tips for a Better Sex Life

Sex Therapy Isn't Just About SexAt Shift, we know that sex isn’t just sex. It…

divorce separation


By the Bootstraps: Divorce Separation

Getting over a divorce separation is a lot like getting over a death. It’s…