We're Not Talk Therapy...

We’re Not Talk Therapy…

A common refrain heard around Shift is that we are not talk-therapy. This doesn’t mean that we don’t see a certain amount of directed discussion as being valuable to the therapeutic process. We prefer to use the talk to gain more insight into your concerns and build the treatment plan.

Shift Psych: The ‘root canal’ for your mental health

A considerable amount of people come into our office and have a preconceived idea of what they DO NOT want in therapy. A common thing that clients will say

Perspective ‘Shift’

Everything we see in life is viewed through a filter, and each and every one of us views life through our own unique filter: our perspective. Our perspective is the way we think about anything and everything.

Suicide prevention and wellness: Watch for warning signs

The first step toward suicide prevention and awareness is understanding the complexities of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental ailments such as