10 ways to prevent boredom this winter

...and the psychology behind them.We’ve all done the outdoor picnic hangouts,…


COVID 19 & Stigma

Check out Shift founder and registered psychologist Andrea McTague’s interview…

Pizza | Roz MacLean

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Why Weight?

People with “weight-hate” or poor body image tend to look for weight loss…

Which Way Up

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Healthy Aging

It's a fallacy that most ageing people aspire to be younger or to stay young.…

Devil's Advocate | Roz MacLean

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Be Assertive, Communicate Effectively

One of the most important skills people can have is assertive communication.…

Stress and Burnout

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Chronic Stress and Burnout

Chronic stress weakens the immune system, and may result in heart disease, high…

Work-Life Balance

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The Importance of Finding Work Life Balance

Work life balance is commonly used to describe the balance that a working…

Surviving COVID


Psych Hacks for Surviving COVID-19

A New LifestyleShift’s Specialized COVID ProtocolAs we adjust to a new normal…


Reflect Before Your New Beginnings

Reflect Before Your New Beginnings The start of the new year signifies a…

Self Care & Mental Health Benefits


Self-Care: A Look At The Mental Health Benefits

Self-care is all over the news these days. More people are discovering…