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Life Optimization

Parenting Challenges

We work with clients to find the time, identify priorities, create boundaries,…

Timeline Buried


SHIFT 101: Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world that…

Static Brain


SHIFT 101: Confirmation Bias

This is called Wishful Thinking. It is a way to confirm the bias they have…

Timeline Dorothy


SHIFT 101: Bilateral Stimulation

Reprocessing is a type of exposure therapy.…

Timeline Dysfunctional


SHIFT 101: Dysfunctional Needs

A Dysfunctional Need is something that we lean on and use to avoid feeling…

Timeline Raven


SHIFT 101: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is when we unknowingly create the exact situation…

Timeline Boba


SHIFT 101: Cognitive Dissonance

The reason why our Limiting Beliefs are so hard to change is due to a term…

Shift COVID-19 Updates


Information Regarding Your Therapy at Shift and COVID-19

In March, Shift transitioned all in-person sessions to video sessions in the…

Mount Royal Psychologists


Still On The Avenue

Shift has expanded it's Calgary space, with double the size and extended hours,…

We're Not Talk Therapy...


We’re Not Talk Therapy…

A common refrain heard around Shift is that we are not talk-therapy. This…