10 ways to prevent boredom this winter

...and the psychology behind them.We’ve all done the outdoor picnic hangouts,…

Hang Out With Shift During Quarantine

Clinical Concern

The Shift Approach to OCD Treatment

The idea of an obsession in pop culture differs from the definition of an…

Stress and Burnout

Life Optimization

Chronic Stress and Burnout

Chronic stress weakens the immune system, and may result in heart disease, high…

Jieun June Kim | Canadian Ice Wine


Caution Fatigue and COVID-19

COVID is still around, but people are getting sick of staying home. Why is it…

Surviving COVID


Psych Hacks for Surviving COVID-19

A New LifestyleShift’s Specialized COVID ProtocolAs we adjust to a new normal…

Self Care & Mental Health Benefits


Self-Care: A Look At The Mental Health Benefits

Self-care is all over the news these days. More people are discovering…


Perspective ‘Shift’

Everything we see in life is viewed through a filter, and each and every one…


Suicide prevention and wellness: Watch for warning signs

Each mind is its own universe: complex and infinite. Sometimes we find…


Good Morning March!

Are you struggling with coming out of hibernation mode? Feeling down in the…

Toxic Friendships


Are you part of a toxic friendship?

Have you ever had a friendship where you asked yourself, “why am I even friends…