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Our Mount Royal Psychologists in Calgary are booking now. Shift expanded it's Calgary location with double the size and expanded hours to serve our clients better.

We're Not Talk Therapy...

We’re Not Talk Therapy…

A common refrain heard around Shift is that we are not talk-therapy. This doesn’t mean that we don’t see a certain amount of directed discussion as being valuable to the therapeutic process. We prefer to use the talk to gain more insight into your concerns and build the treatment plan.

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Do What You Love

Shift is so much more than a therapy program - it is a philosophy and method for the development of an unparalleled existence.  A portal to our purpose, our tribe and our unleashed potential.

Why the Shift Protocol?

Learn… the real reason WHY?

Your Limiting Beliefs(LB's) make you dance like a marionette. You are the ventriloquist's dummy to their moving hand. The good news is that it's not just you...

South Edmonton Counselling

Our South Edmonton Counsellors have landed…

We’re proud to announce that Shift will be opening an additional location in South, Edmonton to support the growing demand on October 16, 2018, which serves the communities of

Shift Core Values

Core Values

Shift is a game changer in the world of life optimization. The first boutique psychology provider to bring a client-facing branded therapy approach to the high performing consumer.