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Substance Treatment

Things like criticism, alcohol used by a parent, detachment from parents,…

Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that needs to be properly treated due to the…


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Porn addiction, which is a subset of sex addiction, can refer to a range of…

Callie Smith | Inner Monologue

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Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety is, simply, put, unrelenting worry that continues after the thing or…

Callie Smith | Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Affective Disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of fluctuations in mood that range…

Addressing the Root of Your Depression

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Addressing the Root of Your Depression

Depression counsellors can help clinically depressed or mildly depressed…

Hang Out With Shift During Quarantine

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The Shift Approach to OCD Treatment

The idea of an obsession in pop culture differs from the definition of an…

Which Way Up

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Wait There’s More…

We're in the process of adding more content to our clinical concerns section.…

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

We’ve all experienced the feeling of fear, from a dream, a surprise or a…

Green Turtleneck | Ben Duax

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ADHD in Adults

ADHD is characterized by ongoing patterns of inattention (wandering off task,…