We’re a totally different mental training and life-shaping experience, helping people just like you, shift their life into high gear with our Formula for Change.

Your effort is the first part of the Shift Formula. Add in… The Shift Protocol™ and Shifts life analysis and you will have the life you actually want to be living. Shift is not a place for wandering narratives, emotional hand holding or dream analysis. It’s not a place for confusing psychology terms and questionable outcomes. Nor is it a place for inkblot interpretation, hypnosis or touchy-feely stuff.

Do you want to know how we create real and lasting change in your life?

First, we create a master list of all your limiting beliefs(the stuff that messes with you in the form of triggers and buried deep inside). Next, we show you exactly how these limiting beliefs actually cause all the behaviours, thoughts and feelings in your life.

Now that you know all that stuff, what are you supposed to do with it? Well, this is when Shift switches into high gear and takes you into our reprocessing phase. It turns out that the limiting beliefs are actually the root cause of all our dysfunctional needs and connected behaviours! We simply take the limiting beliefs and remove the emotionality. When we kill the belief all the yuck goes with it! We start systematically on the next ones and keep going until you say when.

So c’mon what are you waiting for? Get Shifted!


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