Weight Management

Remove the emotional weight of negative beliefs and remove the urge value of triggers

Weight ManagementDoes thinking about your weight leave you feeling defeated? Frustrated? Hopeless? Unfailing willpower doesn’t come from the perfect diet or exercise program… it comes from the mind. Sometimes, it’s not the diet we have to get right. Learning to manage your mind and identify self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs can be key to achieving your weight management goals. Emotional eating, whether as a result of a bad mood or in the form of “treats” and “rewards”, and negative beliefs, such as “I will never be able to,” “I’m going to fail” and “I need to be perfect,” can be a major hindrance to successful weight management.

How Shift Can Help

We use our original protocol to remove the emotional weight of negative beliefs and to remove the urge value of triggers. With these items addressed, weight loss is more successful, healthy choices are easier to make and weight management is achievable.

At Shift, we are pretty obsessive about going the distance, so we provide a unique, optional next step: accessing coordinated services through one of our partner nutritionists or personal trainers. This allows you and your psychologist to work through any speed bumps you may encounter on your way to your ultimate healthy diet and/or active lifestyle. Let’s get ‘er done today!

Shift Psychological has a number of licensed psychologists who are trained in weight management and similar techniques. Call one of our offices today in order to book an appointment. We have offices in Calgary: 587.352.6463 and in Edmonton: 780.705.6463.