Depression treatment counsellors can help clinically depressed or even mildly depressed individuals find the origin of their depression, so it is treated more permanently.

In combination with meditation or without, cognitive behavioral therapy, bi-lateral stimulation as an exposure therapy are skillfully woven into Shift’s protocol, to create a structured and highly effective treatment for a condition that may have been thought to be previously just treatment resistant depression.

Risk factors and development factors are investigated in the initial intake session to find the best treatment for depression. Continued screenings for treatment progression and depression symptoms are present in all subsequent sessions, as well. Additionally, Shift provides a downloadable app to enhance the client’s ability to assess their mood and results across time.

During therapy, limiting beliefs and dysfunctional needs are removed and risk factors such as isolation from friends and family, overloading with work, social interactions or previous trauma is treated. Depression treatment works for children, elderly and adult individuals. Depression counsellors and psychologists can help to remove the symptoms to allow you to get back to an enjoyable life.

How Shift Can Help

Shift Psychological has a number of registered psychologists who are trained in depression treatment. Call one of our offices today in order to book an appointment. We have offices in Calgary: 587.352.6463 and in Edmonton: 780.705.6463.

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