A Better Approach To Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is often delivered by individuals not trained in psychology, who are former/current CEOs, athletes, lawyers, etc. They have great experience but they lack the psychological education and insight to get to the root of presenting issues. Often they can help their clients, but not in a long-lasting and scalable way. The Harvard Business Review outlines some of the dangers of this.

Shift’s psychology-based therapy is perfect for leadership & executive coaching for professionals of all industries. The Shift Protocol allows clients to decide where they want to end up therapeutically and professionally. Will you be good? Or will you be amazing? It’s up to you.

Many of our clients start at non-functional and move toward fine, good or amazing. However, another type of client comes in at “functional” or “fine” and wants to move into an enhanced reality. This is for many reasons, including:

  • Seeking greater life satisfaction
  • Having a high-pressure career
  • Wanting to achieve specific career or leadership goals by removing limiters
  • Having a desire to navigate a life or professional transition
  • Removing (or preventing ) residual trauma from negative life events (ie. Divorce, death, etc.)
  • Wanting to improve leadership and communication abilities

Shift’s Executive Coaching Protocol can take you into the upper echelons of life.

Why You Need Psychology

Whether we like it or not, our personal traumas and experiences affect our professional lives. A lot of our cognitive limitations translate to the workplace, and work needs to be done to address and tackle these limitations.

With leadership coaching at Shift, you will benefit from an enhanced version of our basic protocol, which allows us to deliver directed, structured and results-driven therapy:

Session 1

01 The Intake

Here we’ll get to know as much of you as humanly possible in 50 minutes. We’ll ask you questions on all sorts of things, from sleep hygiene to your childhood, to get an idea of your history, symptoms, and goals. We’ll identify your global ‘limiting beliefs’ (the stuff that’s at the root of your concerns; e.g. “I am not good enough”) and develop a treatment plan.

Sessions 2 & 3

02 Identification of Limiting Beliefs

We’ll take a deep dive into your limiting beliefs and create an inventory. We’ll also determine your ‘dysfunctional needs’ that pop up in response to a specific limiting belief (e.g. striving for perfection). Together, we’ll determine which limiting belief to tackle to the ground first.

Sessions 4 & Beyond

03 Reprocessing

Here, we’ll use bilateral stimulation to reprocess significant events and memories that are linked to your limiting beliefs and their dysfunctional needs (soothing buffers that we lean on). These events are not necessarily significant to you; you might not even remember them. But they were formative in your development, and may be behind some of the maladaptive behaviours limiting your professional progress. They may also help us understand the basis of some of your traits and goals. The reprocessing removes any emotion associated with the memory, thus removing the limiting belief. It sounds crazy, but trust us, it works.

Common dysfunctional needs, which are buffers between ourselves and our limiting beliefs, that present in our executive coaching or business psychology clients include:

  • I need to be perfect
  • I need to succeed
  • I need to be superior
  • I need to prove my value
  • I need to be important
  • I need to be noticed, seen or heard
  • I need to be in control
  • I need to be part of something


We will get to the bottom of each of these dysfunctional needs (and their associated limiting beliefs) and strip them of their power to remove the psychological blocks holding you back in your professional life. In addition to identifying your own limiting beliefs, you’ll be able to pick up on the limiting beliefs of your staff and coworkers, allowing you to be a better leader, communicator and entrepreneur.

What to Expect with Shift’s Executive and Leadership Coaching

You will benefit from an enhanced version of the basic protocol outlined above. In addition to the basic protocol, and depending on your goals we will address:

  • Psychological blocks to scaling
  • Transitions (e.g. retirement or exiting)
  • Staff Management
  • Culture Development
  • Partnership Challenges
  • Burnout and Work-Life Balance

On top of our carefully-developed protocol, we use different techniques to help you achieve your goals. This may include Life Analysis or Trait Theory, for example, where we will assess your personality traits, your needs and goals and the way you prioritize different aspects of your life.

The Result

Following your therapy at Shift and depending on your goals, you’ll find that you:

  • Have a better work-life balance
  • Can make decisions quicker
  • Communicate better with team members leading to better relationships and an improved ability to delegate effectively
  • Are better able to develop creative solutions to problems
  • Can effective address your company’s most pressing business challenges
  • Can better manage operational and growth issues
  • Have improved interpersonal intelligence, and thus can better manage employee conflict
  • Are better able to create fruitful business partnerships
  • Are able to develop a strong exit strategy
  • Have the ability to build a strong business continuity plan