Shift’s therapy is perfect for leadership & executive coaching for industry professionals. The Shift Protocol allows clients to decide where they want to end up, therapeutically.

Shift’s unique Executive Coaching Protocol provides you with the tactical psychological training you need to excel in the most challenging and competitive work environments.

Many of our clients start at non-functional and move toward fine, good or amazing. However, another type of client comes in at “functional” or “fine” and wants to move into an enhanced reality. This is for many reasons, including:

  • Seeking greater life satisfaction, generally
  • Having a high-pressure career and wanting to manage demands optimally, (ie. Work-life balance)
  • Wanting to achieve specific career or leadership goals by removing limiters, (ie. Team management or company growth)
  • Desire to navigate a life transition in the most effective manner (ie. A career change or relocation)
  • Residue removal (or prevention) from negative life events. (ie. Divorce, a death, etc.)
  • Address your Companies most pressing business challenges
  • Start developing creative solutions to problems
  • Manage operational and growth issues
  • Better communication with team members
  • Better work-life balance
  • Quicker decision making

Shift’s Executive Coaching Protocol can take you into the upper echelons of life.

Shift Founder Andrea McTague is your executive coaching specialist:

*Calgary Executive Coaching Sessions Will Be Done Via Secure Video