Love-Hate relationships are a very common dynamic. Relationship dynamics are complex and have a huge impact on our lives. They impact our life trajectory, our overall contentment, and can be either a source of stress or support – all depending on the dynamic,

One negative dynamic is the love-hate dynamic wherein partners vacillate between idealizing and devaluing each other. This creates a push-pull action. “Push” behaviours like judging, criticizing, insulting and ignoring are harmful to relationships. They are often followed by “pull” behaviours like pleasing, apologizing, romancing, clinging and worrying. Together, they create stressful instability. Relationship counselling or marriage therapy can help. Relationship counselling identifies the underlying factors disturbing the dynamic and repairs it.

10 Tips for a Better Sex Life

Sex in a committed relationship is often an extension of emotional intimacy. “When we see couples who focus in on a poor sex life, without acknowledging that they don’t even have enjoyable conversations now, we know there’s a problem, says Shift’s founder, Andrea McTague. There are a couple of simple things people can do to increase connection and attraction, and consequently, improve their sex lives.

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