When it comes to people pleasers… they give and give and give. Sometimes we feel like we are not receiving anything back from other people.

We may be that person who is always available to accommodate other people. Maybe we are the DD when our friends want to go to the party.

Maybe your one friend always wants you to go to their place to make it easier on them.

We’re always the ones doing and being of service to others. Maybe we’re that Super Mom or Super Dad where we are going to work, coming home and making dinner, always driving Jack or Jill to their band practice.

We’re providing value and being of service. We may always want to pay the bill or we can’t ask for help or are incapable of taking compliments.

If we are always giving but not receiving anything back then we are just setting ourselves up for resentment in our relationships.

We feel that if we are doing XYZ then we will feel worthy of the relationship or friendship. Once we deplete ourselves, however, it makes it more likely that we are not going measure up or full-fill ourselves through our personal relationships.

Sherise Miller