This is Shift’s original, individual therapy for ages 11 and up. It’s results-driven, structured, and proactive.

It is delivered by specially trained psychologists and counsellors, who have invested additional time in becoming exceptional clinicians, despite already having stellar credentials.

Part One: CBT and Philosophy

(Sessions 1-3)

  1. Non-nurturing element identification
  2. Creation of a master therapy progress checklist
  3. A “why” session which demonstrates the motivation for all dysfunctional behaviour, emotions, and thoughts
  4. Identification of the most active Limiting Beliefs through the creation of a visual neural tree.

Part Two: Exposure & Bilateral Stimulation

(client determined session amount)

  • This phase is as long as you need or want it to be – just like personal training, it can be used to perfect or maintain once your mind is in shape
  • Removes emotional reactivity to anchor memories
  • Systematically progresses through your limiting beliefs: eradicating them long-term
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More about our method...


SHIFT 101- Introduction

Our SHIFT 101 video series take big psychological words and breaks them down in a way you can understand, either for those folks who don’t know anything about psychology or for those who are just interested in what goes on at Shift Psychological. So stay tuned!

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Is it magic? NOPE!

Our method is steeped in scientifically proven modalities. We utilize a combination of a variety of effective techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Bilateral Stimulation. Our method is effective with common psychological issues…

Download the psychometric cognitive diary application developed for identifying your limiting beliefs and save time and money in session!

When you spend your own time thoughtfully constructing the stories that are connected to your limiting beliefs, you get a head start on your therapy session. This will save you time and money because the therapist will be able to get straight to targeting your active limiters.

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