This is Shift’s original, individual therapy for ages 11 and up. It’s results-driven, structured, and proactive.

Shift Individual Therapy is delivered by specially trained psychologists and counsellors, who have invested additional time in becoming exceptional clinicians, despite already having stellar credentials.

Part One: CBT and Philosophy

(Sessions 1-3)

  1. Non-nurturing element identification
  2. Creation of a master therapy progress checklist
  3. A “why” session which demonstrates the motivation for all dysfunctional behaviour, emotions, and thoughts
  4. Identification of the most active Limiting Beliefs through the creation of a visual neural tree.

Part Two: Exposure & Bilateral Stimulation

(client determined session amount)

  • This phase is as long as you need or want it to be – just like personal training, it can be used to perfect or maintain once your mind is in shape
  • Removes emotional reactivity to anchor memories
  • Systematically progresses through your limiting beliefs: eradicating them long-term
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