Edmonton & Calgary Counselling Services for residents with a wide variety of specialized concerns.

Shift therapy isn't talk therapy but it is still important to find a counsellor that you connect and feel comfortable with.

We want to give you the opportunity to come meet us and find out how we help people sleep, become more effective students/employees/business owners, find balance, kick anxiety and depression, stop procrastinating, manage stress, achieve their goals and live kick-ass lives! At Shift we are all about getting rid of stuffiness and stigma that are often associated with therapy, and we use a scientifically-backed, structured approach to help people like you live your most exceptional life! Come in for some Edmonton or Calgary Counselling and hear about how we will use our protocol to create a personalized plan for you to live your best life and you decide how much it is worth. We have a feeling that once you take that first step and realize just how great your life could be you’ll be back for more (and we look forward to seeing you when you do)!


Short protocols allow clients to work on specific concerns rather than whole-life origin-focused therapy, which is the goal of our original individual protocol.


This means that therapy is focused on the presenting concern alone, and proceeds through a set of Limiting Beliefs, in order.

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