Here’s a bit of information that you need, in order to understand how our therapy creates better relationships:

To avoid the pattern of getting stuck on circular discussions and repeat issues, we created an outstanding couples therapy protocol to move you towards a successful relationship.

  • In a relationship, each member is responsible for an equal share of the dynamic. In a family, that means it splits between the number of people, and in a couple, it’s 50% created by each partner.
  • This 50% is the result of the individual’s needs- both functional and dysfunctional. Functional needs relate to biological drives, culture, relationship goals, values, etc. Dysfunctional needs come from limiting beliefs, which are internalized in our childhood. They create needs like the need to be in control, or the need to protect oneself.
  • The needs, whether functional or dysfunctional, can balance each other out, creating a “stabilizer” or they can become unmet needs, which create a “destabilizer”.
  • Our therapy identifies all of the destabilizers in your relationship and sequentially addresses each with solution-focused interventions.
  • Then, each of the solutions is put into a contract, for people to uphold in the accountability portions of future sessions. This helps couples during the period of time they need in order to create new patterns in their dynamic.  If the contract is not upheld, repeatedly, then the deeper reasons, like buy-in to the relationship overall, are examined.
  • The results are depth-orientated and solution focused that can mend broken dynamics or refine fine relationships into fantastic ones.