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She thoroughly enjoys helping individuals overcome depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, as well as family of origin concerns.

Like all Shift Psychologists, Sherise is trained in the Shift Protocol, which is the highly effective blending of two well-researched approaches: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Bilateral Stimulation. She also operates from a strength-based approach and has experience in mindfulness and solution-focused techniques.

She thoroughly enjoys helping individuals overcome depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, as well as family of origin concerns. Sherise takes a non-judgmental client-centered approach and has worked with individuals, couples, families and students of all ages throughout schools and non for profit agencies. She has had a lot of experience with children and adolescent populations. She also enjoys coaching clients through self-esteem and interpersonal challenges, and to improve their personal performance in all areas of their lives.  With a warm, open and empathetic style, she quickly establishes rapport and helps motivate her clients to improve their lives and create a joy filled existence. Sherise is a fun-loving and compassionate individual and feels strongly about using ones strengths and resources to overcome their barriers in life. When she is not immersed in creating magnificent mental fitness for clients, you could find her drinking endless cups of coffee at trendy coffee shops, scrambling on mountain peaks or running along the river pathways. She also really loves listening to live music, snowshoeing in the winter, and has been caught snaughling numerous times.

A favourite day in the life of Sherise would be immersed in the outdoors, so whether that is going for a walk or a run along the river pathways or if I’m feeling adventurous- going to climb a mountain. Oh and I love coffee, so I would combine that with stopping at my favourite eatery, Alforno!

About Sherise Miller

  • Favorite thing(s) ever - Hiking
  • Favorite place in YYC - The Peace Bridge
  • Favorite eateryAlforno

Shift Psych: The ‘root canal’ for your mental health

A considerable amount of people come into our office and have a preconceived idea of what they DO NOT want in therapy. A common thing that clients will say

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Don’t let Postpartum Depression become a monster

A lot of women take time during pregnancy to prepare for what is to come, this is especially true for women who have characteristics of the Type A personality, who would be described as an organizer, ambitious and a planner.

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SHIFT 101- Introduction

Our SHIFT 101 video series take big psychological words and breaks them down in a way you can understand, either for those folks who don’t know anything about psychology or for those who are just interested in what goes on at Shift Psychological. So stay tuned!

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SHIFT 101: Non-Nurturing Elements

In our formative years we can either be raised in nurturing environments or non-nurturing environments. Regardless of which environment we were raised in there are always flaws that get in the way of us being adaptive or feeling like we’re unconditionally supported and loved. There can be themes such as a caregiver being critical or controlling, never being home, or having addictions. As children and young adults, we internalized all these themes, environments and elements, thus forming Limiting Beliefs, a term which we will discuss in our next segment of Shift 101.

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SHIFT 101 – Dysfunctional Needs

These Limiting Beliefs begin to form in our early childhood experiences (especially within those Non-Nurturing Elements discussed during our last Shift 101 segment) and we hold these beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not in control” or “I’m going to be abandoned.”, etc. In addition to a few more terms we are going to discuss in our upcoming posts, these Limiting Beliefs become very strong and hard to change and end up shaping a lot of our behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

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Confirmation Bias

SHIFT 101 – Confirmation Bias

If someone has the Limiting Belief “I am a failure” or “I can’t succeed”, what they will do is only look for evidence to support feeling and believing this way.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter Blues – Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the temperature drops and the seasons transition from summer to fall into winter, our lifestyle, mood and activity drastically change as well. We go from heading to the cabin on weekends to hibernating under blankets; from heading after work to patio drinks, to nights spent in watching hours of Netflix; from bright sunny drives to work, to darkness before and after work.

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