This time of year, there’s lots of talk of New Years Resolutions and goals for 2017 but perhaps before looking forward, it may be productive to look a little … backward?

Celebrating the accomplishments of this year – be it a massive or a mini goal, is a fruitful endeavor. It’s an acknowledgement of self that spurs motivation on ward and reinforces self-efficacy – the belief in the ability to accomplish.

More motivation and self-love as New Years Resolutions? Yes, please, you say. But how does one celebrate wins? Google this and you’ll get a long list of “treat yourself to a new purse,” “share it on Facebook,” or “go out for dinner” type suggestions, but it’s really even more simple.

Take note of it in your mind.

Mentally acknowledge what the accomplishment was and give yourself a compliment or “heck yeah!” Do this for your little ones (“Left the house on time today – killin’ it!”) and big ones (“Opened Shift YYC in 2016 – great job!”) Because, the most important person to give you a handshake about your goal is you.

Actually, it’s a lot of the reason some people feel so great about themselves, while others live life under a little grey cloud. Acceptance and positive perspective on our achievements allows us to foster a positive self-image, which in turn, allows us to develop a positive view of the world. When this iI established, we reach out more, see more opportunities, minimize stressors and experience more joy. If this all sounds stellar, but you’re still stuck in negative self-talk mud, then seek help. At Shift, we blend two powerful therapies together to remove the blocks to self-acknowledgement. It’s a game-changer program.

Life Improvement Strategies rather than blanket resolutions…

If it’s worth doing, do it now (or yesterday even). How does it make sense to wait all year to make a change, and why? So you can cram in that last carton of ciggies, slam another few poutines or yell at your kids for one more month? When put like this, we don’t even need to spell out the lack of logic.

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