Nobody likes to be on the losing end of an argument – but how far are you willing to go to avoid relationship issues? While it is important to fight for the things that truly matter to you, most minor disagreements or differences of opinion shouldn’t escalate into an all-out war. Compromise, along with the ability of knowing when and how to pick your battles, are key to fighting fairly with your spouse. You should also avoid making it personal just to prove a point. Picking away at the qualities you dislike about your partner doesn’t make you right – it makes you a bully.

If you and your spouse continue to fight about the same topics over and over again, or if you still can’t shake it off when the two of you disagree, consider seeking outside help. Shift Psychological offers both individual and relationship counselling that utilizes a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and bi-lateral stimulation to work out the underlying issue, and find ways to love each other better, making your relationship stronger.