We Have A Specific Way Of Doing Therapy. It Goes Like This...

  • We cherry-picked our favourite elements of today’s most cutting edge, researched therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Bilateral Stimulation often referred to as "exposure therapy".
  • We put them into the most effective order and filled in the gaps with Shift innovations
  • Next, we hired some seriously educated young talent
  • Ready for even more? On top of that, we specially train them
  • And throughout all of our therapy we have a team that uses metrics and skill to measure results, so we can make sure we always deliver

You see, early in life we all have some not so wonderful experiences (big or small) and these NON-NURTURING ELEMENTS internalize LIMITING BELIEFS. The Limiting Beliefs are a pain (literally) because they mess with our perspective on the world and on ourselves, which causes all kinds of problems – from anxiety to underachievement.

Lucky for you, we took an extreme interest in getting rid of these pesky limiters and put together a real gem of a therapy experience.

We are super serious about the benefits of psychology and built a program that shows it. Come see for yourself.

  • Timeline Snake

    Non-Nurturing Elements

    Concepts that become internalized through our formative years and impact our mental state going forward in life.

  • Timeline Buried

    Limiting Beliefs

    Beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world that become part of our identity.

  • Timeline Dysfunctional

    Dysfunctional Needs

    A soothing buffer between the self and the core belief, which often results in maladaptive behaviours, cognitions and emotional reactions.

  • Timeline Raven

    Shift Protocol

    Rips these LBs out of your head with a delicious mix of bilateral stimulation, exposure therapy and some Shift innovation.

  • Timeline Dorothy

    Bilateral Stimulation

    A type of exposure therapy that helps to remove the emotional aspects of a memory that is associated with a Limiting Belief.

  • Alice Anni

    The Results

    No more inner narrative, no gulp of anxiety in your throat, no falling into procrastination ratholes, no life of mediocrity, emotional vacancy or purposeless dissatisfaction. Your ideal reality starts with you but is delivered by us.