SHIFT 101 - dys•func•tion•al needs

A Dysfunctional Need is something that we lean on and use to avoid feeling the pain of the Limiting Belief.

When we have a Limiting Belief, for example, “I’m not good enough”, sometimes it becomes so hard to handle and so painful that we subconsciously develop a Dysfunctional Need. These Dysfunctional Needs serve as buffers between ourselves and our Limiting Beliefs. For example, if I don’t want to feel like I’m not good enough (a very common Limiting Belief) I’ll strive for perfection to distance myself from the thoughts and feelings of “I’m not good enough”.

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Sherise Miller
Sherise MillerRegistered Therapist - Calgary
Sherise is trained in: She thoroughly enjoys helping individuals overcome depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, as well as family of origin concerns.