SHIFT 101 - lim•iting be•lief

Limiting Beliefs are beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world that become part of our identity.

These beliefs begin to form in our early childhood experiences (especially within those Non-Nurturing Elements discussed during our last Shift 101 segment) and often they really can begin to make us feel as though we are chained in to our lives with no way out. We hold limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not in control” or “I’m going to be abandoned.”, etc. In addition to a few more terms we are going to discuss in our upcoming posts, these Limiting Beliefs become very strong and hard to change and end up shaping a lot of our behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

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Lindsay Sewall
Lindsay Sewall
Lindsay’s trained in: Anxiety and mood disorders, stress, trauma, relationship issues,