self ful•fill•ing proph•e•cy

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is when we unknowingly create the exact situation we are afraid of.

This common phenomenon is caused by Limiting Beliefs and their Dysfunctional Needs, because when they combine we get caught up in a vicious circle of thought, emotion and action. For example, if you have the belief “I’m incapable” then the Dysfunctional Need “I have to be perfect” or “I have to avoid” develops. Therefore, you become afraid to try new things and end up truly incapable because you missed out on the opportunities to learn the new skills necessary to BECOME capable. Another example is if you believe “I will be rejected/abandoned” then you will constantly require validation and reassurance to feel secure in your relationships. If that validation isn’t received, you may instigate a fight in your relationship, causing your partner to leave you and the exact circumstance you feared (being rejected/abandoned) has come true. Your prophecy has thus been fulfilled.


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