sex positive activities

004 Let’s Talk About Sex

Join Zac and Natasha while they discuss some of the feelings of disgust and shame which often arise in regards to conversations about sex. These ideas are embedded in historical issues of control, whether it be religion or family inheritance.


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Changing Family Dynamics

003 Changing Family Dynamics

How are family dynamics changing over time? What needs to be done to create a nurturing and stable family? Zac and Andrea take an in-depth look into the family dynamic. Specifically, what each partner needs to do in order to satisfy the needs of the family members and what communication between one another should look like.

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toxic parents

002 Toxic Parents: Dealing With the Fallout

Toxicity is an element that prevents us from developing in an adaptive way. Psychological toxicity is the ongoing occurrence of patterns that negatively affect our ability to navigate our environment and relationships effectively.

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money can't buy happiness

001 Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Zac and Andrea discuss money – specifically how to spend in a way that allows you to have a fulfilling life.

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