Performance enhancement (entrepreneurial)


Delia grew up in a family with a history of alcoholism, but which had two loving parents. At times, her mother could be critical, and her parents had high standards academically. She and her two brothers were all well educated professionals, as was her father. Delia had been less high-performing than the favourite, her eldest brother, who she was highly competitive with. Delia had high marks in school and was good at her job, but felt she lacked the business and money knowledge she needed.


Delia worked with the Shift Protocol for three months. She had experienced criticism and high parental expectations in childhood, two non-nurturing elements, which resulted in both people-pleasing and avoidance of any non-high performing areas. These maladaptive behaviours continued into adulthood and became damaging to her business’ performance. Delia would regularly ignore accounting, expense analysis, and cost allocation because she wasn’t comfortable or skilled in these areas. This had multiple negative effects: overblown, unnecessary expenses, deferral to other’s opinions (including susceptibility to sales people), and failure to examine where to best apply operation budget dollars.

In Delia’s therapy, we identified which beliefs about herself were being triggered when she thought about finances and resource allocation. She chose “I will fail” and “I am incapable.” Using the reprocessing aspect of therapy, we removed these cognitions over a period of eight sessions. Then, behavioural tasks which Delia would have avoided, like meeting with her accountant, examining expenses, or cancelling unnecessary contracts were added and then revisited the following sessions.


When the limiting beliefs were no longer valid, Delia no longer experienced her people pleasing and avoiding. By removing people pleasing, she increased her effectiveness in negotiating with equipment sales people and staff. She felt less likely to overspend, and was able to cancel unnecessary contracts she had taken on. With no need to avoid finances, Delia was able to reduce her expenses by examining them and create a plan with her accountant to address the company’s debt. Delia’s ability to tackle previous pitfall areas reduced her overall stress and grew her ability to increase profits.


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