Weight loss & relationship enhancement


Jill’s weight gain had allowed her to be less noticeable in the world; she was masking herself to blend in with the crowd. A history of bullying had taught her that standing out was not a safe choice to make. Additionally, when regular moving is a part of childhood, there is a feeling of vulnerability and a lack of control. Both of which Jill attempted to manage by controlling other areas of her life. Controlling for everything had taken it’s toll on her relationship with her husband and other family members.


Through therapy Jill realized that her struggles with weight were symptoms of her limiting beliefs. These beliefs caused her weight gain; her eating habits being self sabotaging behaviours to cope with the belief “I am insignificant”. These beliefs were a result of a transitory childhood and from being bullied in school. The belief “I am not in control” created a dysfunctional need to be in control of everything. However, as a child/adolescent, she is the only one who could control her calorie intake. Jill also was able to recognize the impact these beliefs had on her relationship. Once removed, she was able to see the role she played in the marital difficulties. For Jill, an extrovert, (whose partner was an introvert) this required her to re-frame how she communicated her needs and how she listened and acknowledged his needs.


At the end of therapy, Jill had lost more than 20 lbs. She was re-examining her career choices and hoping to be able to find a position that was more satisfying for her. Her marriage was less volatile and she and her husband were more connected. Jill had a more positive image of herself both physically and emotionally. Her life satisfaction was significantly increased which created a sense of calm within her family dynamic.


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Case study 4 : Weight loss & relationship enhancement

Presenting Concern:

Jill* was 33 years of age when she began therapy with Shift. She attended therapy for seven months. Jill was on a leave from her work with the federal government. Her presenting concern was weight loss. Weight had been an ongoing issue since her early teens. She had tried many diets and had been successful one time but had regained the lost weight after having children.

* All names and all identifying information have been altered. Case studies are posted with client permission.