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Gator is a Labrador puppy who is currently training to become a therapy dog. She is training with her human Kristi Landry, who is also one of our Provisional Psychologists.

In November, Gator completed her first training class – Prepare your Dog for Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) at Dreamcatcher Association. Gator is enrolled in advanced training, and will continue training and supervision until she and Kristi are both fully certified.

At this time, Gator is preparing for her future work in the therapy environment. She is on-site at Shift with Kristi on Friday afternoons, and therefore is present in Kristi’s sessions on that day. Gator’s job is to be a calm and quiet observer, and she spends the majority of sessions napping or laying on her mat. Gator will greet you on-leash with all four paws on the ground, and is available for pets if she is calm. If she becomes over-excited, Kristi will redirect her to behave appropriately as a “therapy dog in training.”

Please note that neither Gator nor Kristi have completed their certification to provide animal assisted interventions, so Gator’s current presence at Shift is better viewed as a companion animal. However, Kristi’s clients can enjoy the natural benefits of having an animal present- such as emotional regulation, calming effects on the nervous system, and a source of unconditional love!

About Gator

Here's Mom(Kristi) and I

Favorite thing(s) ever -

  • Bananas
  • Sticks
  • Swimming
  • Meeting new friends
  • Road trips/ adventures in new places

Favorite place in YEG

  • Millcreek Ravine
  • Hawrelak dog park
  • Petland
  • The couch at home

Favorite eatery

  • Pho Boy because they let me on their patio
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If you would like to meet Gator and have her in your session, she is in the office with Kristi on Friday’s from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Call our office today in order to book an appointment with Kristi or ask further questions.
We have offices in Calgary: 587.352.6463 and in Edmonton: 780.705.6463.


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