Weight Loss Programs

At Shift, we see a good number of clients looking for effective weight loss programs. This can be weight management, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, obesity, bulimia, or just frustration with not being able to achieve weight, and health goals, but whatever the exact behaviour, the reason and related limiting beliefs are often the same.

weight loss programsPeople with “weight-hate” or poor body image tend to look for weight loss programs and hold the perspective that in order to want something better for themselves or an improvement on their body, they have to hate the current incarnation. This is a pretty common perspective problem in out society, except it’s super bull-shitty. I’ll give you an analogy:

So, imagine you are at home. You’re cuddled into your favorite corner of the couch, with your favorite blanket, just chilling with a big buttery bowl of popcorn. In this moment if I asked you “do you like your house?” You’d say yes. Why? Our homes provide a great function, they feel safe, they store our stuff, etc. Now if I then asked “would you like a 4 million dollar dream house with everything you’d ever want?” You’d also likely say yes. Why? Wanting a dream house doesn’t mean you have to hate your current home. This is the perspective we want our clients to own at the end of the why weight? Protocol or the individual protocol at Shift.

The common problem with weight management concerns polarized, “all or nothing” thinking. A cupcake in the staff room turns into a wave of regret that blooms, often, into opt out behaviours like being sedentary, binging or self-loathing talk.

The polarized thoughts make a negative cycle and come from limiting beliefs about oneself. For example, “I am not good enough” creates the dysfunctional need “I need to be perfect.” This in turn creates a whole maintain of maladaptation.

The pressure form the “I need to be perfect” means that new diets, new pressure and new ventures begin over and over. When the eating plan or whatever is adhered to with great precise rigidity, everything is even. Not happy, just even.

But when perfection cannot be maintained, and the dysfunctional need cannot be met, the limiting belief “I am not good enough” is felt with a vengeance. It hurts. It creates negative emotions, thoughts and self image. This is what creates the poor body image. The cycle of stuck-ness and the unrelenting weight management issues. Its hard to be consistent in the light of this cycle, so adhering to any healthful plan of lifestyle is generally impossible. We attack these beliefs sets concerning standards, and failure, and sometimes self worth, and the inconsistency leaves, night long with the self-loathing.

There is no fun in living in a yo-yo cycle of “weight-hate”. Call shift, jump onto shiftpsych.com or book online today to get that stuff sorted!

How Shift Can Help

We use our original protocol to remove the emotional weight of negative beliefs and to remove the urge value of triggers. With these items addressed, weight loss is more successful, healthy choices are easier to make and weight management is achievable.

At Shift, we are pretty obsessive about going the distance, so we provide a unique, optional next step: accessing coordinated services through one of our partner nutritionists or personal trainers. This allows you and your psychologist to work through any speed bumps you may encounter on your way to your ultimate healthy diet and/or active lifestyle. Let’s get ‘er done today!

Shift Psychological has a number of licensed psychologists who are trained in weight management and similar techniques. Call one of our offices today in order to book an appointment. We have offices in Calgary: 587.352.6463 and in Edmonton: 780.705.6463.


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