This month’s limiting belief theme of “I don’t deserve,” begs a discussion of what therapy clients deserve from their therapy provider.

So often my clients would love to come more often than they can. They know that therapy works like working out – the more the better, faster. However, we live in a real world full of real-world limitations like time, money and therapist availability, as well as emotional investment capacity.

Shift looked at this as a problem that could be addressed using technology, to give therapy clients more. We introduced Shift ReProcess, which is a bilateral stimulation (BLS) app. It allows clients an elective, free way to use the BLS that is so helpful in session, at home on their own. It’s a way for us to expand our skill set into a client’s daily life.

But ever the innovation hive, we were determined to so much more. Enter Ltmls, Shift Technology’s three-part lifestyle enhancement or therapeutic companion app. Part one is a mood, behaviour and cognition tracker, which sends helpful daily tracking reminders and push notifications.

This section works for mental health a lot as MyFitness Pal works for physical health. Instead of water, exercise and food intake though, it is cognition’s, behaviours, emotions and limiting beliefs that are tracked. The nice thing about regular tracking is it gives users the data to fill in the second parts comparative charting, also allowing users to examine patterns and correlations of behaviours versus moods or cognitions or any mixture of these. Choose to share with your therapist, for more concise session check-ins or use to inform your support system on self. Being mindful of what we do, think and feel throughout the week helps us to further our self-knowledge.

In addition to the daily diary and comparison charting, which bring mindfulness and self-exploration into our present there is an on-demand portion to address or provide help with any hiccups that may arise. “Shift on Demand,” is a series of helpful soundbites and other resources from our clinicians ready to download at any key moment where a little tool, inspiration or motivation would help. We’ve probably all felt like we could use a therapist on call, perhaps just at that moment we dig into the Ben & Jerry’s after a tough day at work instead of heading out for a walk. We all need reminders and could use some tools in the moment, and this part of Lmtls provides just that.

We believe people deserve more from their therapists and more from us here at Shift. We’re using technology to assist us in bringing a more expansive therapeutic experience, so that the life enhancement benefits are the absolute largest possible.

If you are interested in further expanding your therapeutic outcomes, self-exploration or just checking out what Shift is up to, you can:


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